Parents I do agree that we have big dreams for our children. But the real challenge and our prime responsibilities is to create a good human being.

Children tend to learn just by observing and following elders. The way in which you act and behave will be the ultimate yardstick. The more optimistic and positive you are the more the probability of your child becoming optimistic and looking at their world in a positive way.

The change that is taking around us is inviting new challenges, new expectations, new dreams and to accomplish all these new thoughts, new values and new attitudes. There is definite need of changing our mindset in creating a better secured future for our children.

As a parent we must spend time with them, attend to them, listen to them, care for them and support them at critical times in a true sense. Parents should encourage children when the child fails at some point of time in life. Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them leaves an impression. So let us mould them in such a way that they become confident enough to prove themselves in there own way and in there own desirable field. Parents I just want to say that we exhibit, we agitate and customize the things the way the generation sees it.