Dancing benefits a child's education. Through dance, children not only learn the benefits of exercising, but they also learn coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina, stability, memory and discipline. Dancing Boosts Self Esteem.


Chess is a one-against-one activity, however, teamwork is also an important element. It offers a combination of educational and social activity.


Gymnastics and cognitive functioning. Participation in gymnastics does not only offer physical gains; it is beneficial for improving concentration and mental focus – an important aspect of anyone's life. Gymnastics classes are full of activities that will make your child more fit and help keep them healthy.


Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. It helps people develop a fitness habit with a sport that’s enjoyable for all ages. The children of this generation are really the first to grow up in the age of fitness. Much research and emphasis has gone into the importance of lifetime health programs. Children learn early the benefits of staying healthy and in good physical condition. But with children, regular workout programs aren’t quite what they need. Enjoyment is the key ingredient in every sport or exercise program.


Offering high quality Physical Education in a fun and engaging manner. Creating awareness for the most important yet most neglected aspect of a child's journey in school. Initiating students who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

Eureka Science Kit

Eureka is a program of hands on activities for science learning. It focuses on exploring the everyday materials and making working models based on scientific principles. Eureka is focused on constructive learning, the kind of education that guides students to interact with the objects around them, appreciating and interpreting their scientific value. This program dramatically improves understanding and retention.


Expression is integral to students development and growth, providing an important outlet to express themselves and broaden their perspectives. Our Visual Arts co-curricular program allows students to experiment with and express their creative talent, pursue their artistic passions and develop an appreciation for art.


Students involved in drama have a great time on stage or behind the scenes. Being part of a theatrical production allows them to explore who they are through observation and creation, build their self-confidence, and develop skills for the future, such as effective communication and teamwork.
Singing in front of an audience, as well as acting or any other art where you display your talent in public, helps build your confidence for "real world" situations.


A music-rich experience that includes singing or playing an instrument is not only enjoyable for students, it also brings with it countless benefits. Music education helps them to build self-esteem, cultivate social skills and learn discipline and teamwork.

Industrial Visits

Omkar Cambridge International students participate in fun and educational trips that enable them to explore exciting learning opportunities outside of the classroom and interact with their fellow students in a more informal setting. Some school trips are local day excursions to museums,factories etc. Omkar Cambridge International school students also have the opportunity to enjoy overnight field trips .


Community service help students mature, strengthens their sense of social responsibility, and educates them about the role they play in a global society. Through community service, students come to realize that everyone can and should reach out to help others. With a commitment to serving others, demonstrating empathy and raising awareness within our local, national and international communities, students at all levels participate in age-appropriate community service activities.


Athletic Activities. “In this unit children focus on developing their technical understanding of athletic activity. They learn how to set targets and improve their performance in a range of running, jumping and throwing activities. As in all athletic activities, children think about how to achieve the greatest speed, height,distance.


Our students learn from an experience, dedicated and enormously talented faculty who Challenge, Inspire, Encourage and Nurture.





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